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This is an ideal course for those who want to enhance their electronic engineering knowledge in Circuit Simulation and Printed Circuit Board Design (PCB).

This course has two parts.

Brief course outline of Part I.

1. Introduction to OrCAD Capture and PSpice
2. DC Analysis, AC Analysis, Parametric Sweeps
3. Stimulus Editor
4. Performance Analysis
5. Digital Simulation
6. Test Benches

Brief course outline of Part II (Or CAD PCB Editor).

1. Getting started with PCB Editor
     (a) Learn about the user interface
     (b) Learn about design preparation
     (c) Padstacks
     (d) Component symbols

2. Logic Import
    (a) Import logic design data

3. Design Rules and Component Placement
    (a) Interactive placement
    (b) Perform pin and gate swapping

4. (i) Routing (a) interactive routing, (b)auto-routing
   (ii) Copper areas
   (iii) Glossing

Mode of delivery: Lectures, Assignments/ tutorials, Laboratory sessions

You can choose either to follow the entire course or part of a course.

Fee structure for single part
Group class (2-5 students) – Rs. 10,500 per one student for each part.

Fee structure for entire course
Group class (2-5 students) – Rs. 20,000 per one student for whole course.

Each part will have five sessions (15 hours). Total of ten sessions for the entire course. (30 hours).

Course is conducted by a qualified Lecturer who has a PhD in Electronic Engineering.

Individual attention is guaranteed.

For more details please contact us or visit https://www.facebook.com/scionprofessional