LED Video Board Programming – Currently Not Available

LED Video Wall

LED Video Wall

After following this course you will be able to programme Video Playing LED Boards without any problem.

Group class dates (2-6 students)

Fee – Rs. 2500.00

You can arrange your convenient time slot.

We will provide each of you all the practical equipment needed for the course.

We are the first in delivering the below mentioned course content.

Brief Course Outline
– Basic equipment list
– Introduction to Full Color LED modules, Controller circuit, and Power supply
– Interfacing LED module, Controller circuits, and Power supply
– Introduction to LED programming software
– LED display programming
– How to manufacture LED board
– How to purchase equipment

Course is conducted by qualified University Lecturer in Electronic Engineering.

Medium: English and Sinhala Media (Depending on the student’s request)

Individual attention is guaranteed.

Wi-Fi and Library facilities are available.

Air Conditioned Lecture Rooms.

For more details please contact us.