ARM Cortex Programming – Currently Not Available


Brief course outline
1. Introducing ARM architecture.
      a. ARM processor families
      b. Instruction sets
      c. Operating modes
      d. Specializations

2. Programming languages and tools for ARM processors
      a. Programming basics for ARM Cortex M3/M4 platforms
      b. Low level programming techniques
      c. Hi level programming techniques

3. General purpose input/outputs
      a. Interfacing switches
      b. Interfacing Graphics Displays

4. Exceptions/interrupts handling

5. Analog inputs and outputs
      a. Analog to digital conversion
      b. Digital to analog conversion

6. Communication interfaces
      a. Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART)
      b. Universal Serial Bus (USB)
      c. Controller Area Network (CAN)
      d. Ethernet connections

Prerequisites: Experience in analog – digital electronics and C programming language

Mode of delivery: Lectures, Assignments/ tutorials, Laboratory sessions

Course duration – Six weeks, 4 hour session per week

Fee structure
Group class (3- 6 students) – Rs. 20,000 per one student

Fees can be paid in two installments.

Course is conducted by qualified University Lecturer in Computer Engineering.

For more details please contact us.