SolidWorks Thermal Simulation – Currently combined with SolidWorks Simulation (Structural, Thermal and Vibration) Course


This is an ideal course for those who have experience in SolidWorks designs and want to learn Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

The syllabus concurrently introduces you to the Solid Works Simulation 2014 software and the fundamentals of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) through hands-on exercises. A number of projects are presented using commonly used parts to illustrate the analysis features of SolidWorks Thermal Simulation. Each topic is designed to build on the skills, experiences and understanding gained from the previous topics.

Brief course outline 
1. Introduction to thermal analysis 
2. Hollow plate 
3. L bracket 
4. Thermal analysis of a Round bar 
5. Floor heating duct – part 1 
6. Floor heating duct – part 2 
7. Hot plate 
8. Thermal and thermal stress analysis of a coffee mug 
9. Thermal and thermal buckling analysis of a link 
10. Thermal analysis of a heat sink 
11. Radiative power of a black body 
12. Radiation of a hemisphere 
13. Radiation between two bodies

Course duration – 8 weeks, 3 hour session per week

Course is conducted by qualified University Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering.

Fee structure 
Group class (2 – 6 students) – Rs. 11,000 per one student

Fees can be paid in two installments.

Individual attention is guaranteed.