Sheet Metal & Surface Modeling in SolidWorks


This is an ideal short course for those who want to enhance their knowledge in Sheet Metal Design & Surface Modeling in Solid Works.

Brief course outline

Sheet Metal Design
– Base flange, Understand the FeatureManager design tree, Edge flange, Tabs, Sketched bends, Miter flange, Closed corners, Hems, Jog bend, Break corners, Create cuts on the flat faces, Lofted bends, Fat pattern, Create sheet metal components from a flat sheet, Create sheet metal components from a flat part, Create a sheet metal component by designing it as a part, Design a sheet metal part from a shelled solid model, Create cuts in a sheet metal component across the bends, Create cylindrical and conical sheet metal components, Generate the drawing views of the flat pattern of the sheet metal components.

Surface Modeling
– Create an Extruded surface, Create a Revolved surface, Create a Swept surface, Create a Lofted surface, Create a Planar surface, Create a Boundary surface, Create a Fill surface, Create a Radiated surface, Offset surfaces, Trim surfaces, Untrim surfaces, Extend surfaces, Knit surfaces, Fillet surfaces, Create a Mid-surface, Delete Holes, Replace faces, Delete faces, Move and copy surfaces, Thicken the surface body, Create a thicken surface cut, Create a surface cut.

Course duration – 3 weeks, 3 hour session per week

Course is conducted by qualified University Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering.

Fee structure
Group class (3-6 students) – Rs. 5,000 per one student

Lecture notes and take home assignments / tutorials will be given for every session.

Individual attention is guaranteed.

Wi-Fi and Library facilities are available.