Mold Tools and Weldments in SolidWorks


This is an ideal short course for those who want to enhance their knowledge in Mold design and Weldments in Solid Works.

Brief course outline
– Understand the concept of Mold design in SolidWorks, Design Split Molds, Design Mold with Complex Core and Cavity, Analyze draft angles, Scale Models for mold design

– Butt weld bead, Square Butt weld bead, Single V Butt weld bead, Single Bevel Butt weld bead, Single V Butt with Root weld bead, Single Bevel Butt with Root weld bead, Single U weld bead, Single J Butt weld bead, Backing Run weld bead, Fillet weld bead, Seam weld bead, Scarf weld bead, Flare-V weld bead, Flare-Bevel weld bead, Edit weld beads

Course duration – 2 weeks, 3 hour session per week

Course is conducted by qualified University Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering.

Fee structure
Group class (3-6 students) – Rs. 5,000 per one student

Lecture notes and take home assignments / tutorials will be given for every session.

Individual attention is guaranteed.

Wi-Fi and Library facilities are available.