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This course introduces the readers to Autodesk Inventor 2015, the world’s leading parametric solid modeling software. The course emphasizes on the solid modeling techniques that improve the productivity and efficiency of the users.

The course covers the Part, Assembly, Drafting, Presentation, Sheet Metal and Weldments environments of Auto desk Inventor 2015. In addition, it covers the basics of FEA, Autodesk Inventor Simulation, and Mold Design.

Brief course outline (Based on Internationally recognized text book)
– Introduction
– Drawing Sketches for Solid Models
– Adding Constraints and Dimensions to Sketches
– Editing, Extruding, and Revolving the Sketches
– Other Sketching and Modeling Options
– Advanced Modeling Tools
– Editing Features and Adding Automatic Dimensions to Sketches
– Assembly Modeling
– Working with Drawing Views
– Presentation Module
– Working with Special Design Tools
– Working with Sheet Metal Components
– Introduction to Weldments
– Miscellaneous Tools
– Introduction to Stress Analysis
– Introduction to Mold Design

Course duration – 15 weeks, 3 hour session per week

Course is conducted by qualified University Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering.

Fee structure
Group class (3 – 6 students) – Rs. 20,000 per one student

Fees can be paid in two installments.

Lecture notes and take home assignments / tutorials will be given for every session.

Individual attention is guaranteed.

Wi-Fi and Library facilities are available.